Easy Remodeling Tips for Independent Living Seniors

There is nothing constant in this world but change, and the principle holds true as people age. When people become seniors, they might need to implement a few changes in the home. Remodeling for independent seniors might seem a bit different, but here are some of the most helpful hints that discuss remodeling with seniors in mind.

Tip #1

It starts with one of the most frequented places inside the house: the bathroom. If the bathroom has a bath tub, tub grips are a must to prevent slipping and for easier access in and out of the tub. Choose bath tub grips that have easy-locking lever features and a tight fit. Most of these don’t require tools for installation and removal. Another helpful tool that can be added is a shower chair.

Tip #2

When bathroom remodeling with seniors in mind, one should be aware of all the items in the bathroom that might cause slipping or tripping. To do this, hire contractors to replace the floor with non-slip tiles. Inspect the toilets and make sure that the seniors don’t have trouble with the standard size of toilets. Elevating the toilet seat up to 17 inches is ideal as the height places less stress on the legs and knees of the senior. A product recommendation is the Locking Elevated Toilet Seat from Home Care line since it can also be easily installed and removed. You have to be certain that the plumbing and some technical works are not compromised whenever a remodeling of the bathroom such as these is made. You can check this with a good plumbing company in cumming and get great deals on bathroom remodeling works.

Tip #3

The third tip is for another place which might need independent seniors home remodeling tips is the kitchen. Check the lighting and make sure that it has at least 60-watt bulbs and does not have glares or shadows. This is important during food preparation and other tasks around the kitchen. The best material that should be used in the kitchen is matte-finished wood and laminate flooring because they are slip-resistant and can help prevent accidents.

The last two tips deal with contractors. When hiring a contractor for remodeling with seniors in mind, you should only choose one that has a credible reputation and good feedback from friends. Make sure that the contractor specializes in remodeling homes for older people and that they are trustworthy. Experience with remodeling senior centers is a good start. If possible, check on the contractor’s license to avoid rip-offs and remodeling scams. If you are interested with a contractor you found online, meet up with the team personally to make sure they are legitimate.

Remodeling for independent seniors is serious business. Understand the payment terms and be wary of the upfront payment for the materials or the service. Before handing payments over, check twice for the permits and license and go through the smallest details including cleaning up after the project.