Foliages or Plants You can Safely Put Inside the House


The era of modernization and information technology has brought numerous changes in the life of a modern man. People have become used to a sedentary lifestyle and thus, they prefer to have a beautiful environment inside their homes which is green, soothing, relaxing, and natural at the very same time. There are many foliage plants which can assist in adding charm to the house where people can enjoy life in a meaningful way.
Following are some of the foliages which can put be put indoors:

Aloe Vera Plant

This amazing plant has been famous since the time of Cleopatra. It has many health benefits and it is great for the human skin. In case of cuts and wounds, it can make the healing process a lot faster. It can be kept in the kitchen. It does not require a lot of maintenance which is the best part so, bright sunshine dry soil and water are enough for this plant to survive inside the home. It is available in different sizes ranging from a very small size which can be kept on the kitchen slabs or near the kitchen window, then there are the medium sizes which can be kept on the table in the lounge area. On an average, the size available in the market is likely to be 3 feet in height.


Begonia Masoniana

Iron-Cross Begonia or Begonia Masoniana is another plant which can add charm indoors. It is relatively easier to grow and requires medium sunlight for its growth. The soil conditions have to be moist for this particular plant and it is only 12 inches in height. The amazing thing about this plant is that the leaves indicate the needs of the plant at the moment for example if the leaves are turning somewhat brown it means that it is time to minimize the amount of water which is being currently given to this plant.


Maranta or Prayer Plant is another amazing decorative plant with a height of 2 feet which can add beauty to the house. It’s a fun plant since the leaves open and close. The soil conditions required for the growth of this plant are moist and it can survive in medium sunlight. However, during winter the soil has to be drier for the proper growth and maintenance of Maranta. There are leaf markings on the plant which are appealing to the eyes and are given the name of rabbit tracks.


This particular plant requires a little bit of maintenance since the leaves have to be wiped to give them a glossy shine and to avoid the spider infestation. The soil has to be kept evenly moist for the growth of Fatsia and it requires very low or medium amount of sunlight for its growth. It is 6 feet in height so it can be placed near the sliding doors, or at the empty corners of the house to add beauty to the house.