Decorating Ideas for Dorm Rooms and Must Have Items

For a new student, the dorm life can be a lot of fun. It can also be pretty cramped. However, with smart decorating ideas you can maximize your dorm space and inject some personality. You can also set a budget and challenge yourself on finding the most affordable and functional appliances or furniture you can get. You can set a Home Depot challenge for yourself and try to be smart as much as possible to spend within your budget .

A Loft Bed

The easiest way to increase your space is by converting your dorm bed into a loft bed. Before you begin, check the bulletin boards in dorms, student unions and other community centers on campus. Then purchase sliding plastic tubs to store clothing and other goodies underneath.


If your college allows it, decorate your walls with shelving for your CD’s, books, DVD’s and more. To save even more space put all of your CD’s on an MP3 player, then leave them with your folks. Instead of collecting books, hit up a local book store and trade them in as you go. Or use your local library.

TV Mount

Another decorating idea for saving space is to mount your television (if allowed). Or forego the television altogether. After all, you’ll be plenty busy with homework.

Filing Cabinet

A well-decorated, locked, small filing cabinet is another functional decorating idea. Use it to organize your homework and other important information.

Mini Fridge

The mini fridge is a dorm room must-have if you want to save money and your waistline.

Compact Microwave

A small microwave goes hand in hand with the mini fridge and should be able to sit on top, saving you some space.

Hanging Organizers

Another space saving decorating idea is to use hanging organizers for all of your lightweight gear. Store energy bars, clothing, toiletries and more in a hanging organizer in your closet.

Portable Bathroom Caddy

If the bathroom is down the hall from your dorm room, a portable bathroom caddy is an absolute must have.

Silk Flowers

A great decorating idea for those too busy to take care of the real thing is fake flowers. Fill a vase with silk flowers to spruce up your desk. Or use them in a hanging plant to save even more space.


If you can’t paint your dorm room, or your roommate doesn’t want you to, another decorating idea is to use borders along the top or bottom that can be easily removed, without leaving a trace.

Another idea for saving space is to opt for a laptop versus a desktop computer.

Comment below about the experience. Happy smart shopping!

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