How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Hotel One

One of the first things we check out when we enter a hotel room is the bathroom. There’s a certain amount of excitement to having a luxurious and pristine bathroom as opposed to a drab bathroom that’s only purpose is to be functional. There are certain things luxurious hotels do to make their bathrooms look the way they are – use of marble, glass-door showers, and expensive tiling. If you’re planning on bathroom renovations ballarat for your house, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your bathroom look like a hotel one – just follow these tips!

1. Get rid of the colour

Next time you go to a hotel, take a good look at the bathroom. You will notice a common theme – grays, white, and beige. The reason these bathrooms look so good is because they use those colours that give it a clean and luxe look. So ditch the bright reds and blues and opt for more subtle colours instead. Starting with the walls, make sure everything in your bathroom from your towels to the rug to the toothbrush holder fits in with the theme of subtle colours. You can make use of brass fittings to give the room a subtle splash of colour and also make things look a lot more luxurious.

2. Set the lighting

So this varies from person to person – some of us like the brightly lit bathroom while others want a glowy, low-lit place. If you’re going for a lot of light, make sure you go for super white or daylight lights – the yellow lights make your bathroom appear more dull and drab. Also, white lights fits into the colour theme I was talking about before. If you want the low-lit look, go for recessed LED lights and put them in nooks and crannies in your room, like behind the mirror or (if you can afford it) soft floor spotlights.

3. Engage the senses

It’s about more than what your eyes see – you also want to engage other senses like hearing, smell, and touch. Invest in some scented candles in flavours like vanilla which are subtle and not overwhelming. Other items like essential oils and scented soaps will add to the experience. Soft music playing on your mobile or a mini speaker will further enhance your bubble bath experience and soft towels and bathrobes will really make it feel like you’re in a hotel!

4. Don’t forget the decorations

Okay, so this kind of goes against the first tip I gave since it involves bringing some colour into your bathroom. The rule is to just not go overboard. A picture of a beautiful landscape in a wooden frame, some small potted plants, and a book placed tastefully on a wooden caddy are just some ways you can enhance the look of your bathroom and make it look all the more luxurious.