Cheap and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home Office or Work Space

Everyone needs their own space. Even though it might be nice to have your own home office or work space there are ways to personalize this area by surrounding yourself with things that you like and represent your creativity. This is, after all, your area to be as productive as you can be and what better way to achieve this by stimulating your mind, body, and spirit in ways that make you happy.

I have found several room office ideas on how to decorate the work space on a budget and it has resulted in better brainstorming sessions, more creativity, and just a more harmonious feeling all around.

1. Bring Color into your area. If you want your area to have more life, it must have more color. There are several ways to achieve this. Look around your home for old magazines, greeting cards, post cards, etc. There are so many amazing images that some professional photographer took and got paid for. Why not cut out these images and decorate your home office with them?! I have found pictures of dolphins, grape clusters, davinci sketches, etc from old magazines I already have. I have put up some cool post cards someone sent me and a few nice greeting cards featuring huge printed words such as “Love”, and “Thank You”, one card had a VanGogh painting on it which now is right above my computer. You can use the dollar store to find cheap pictures, cards, posters, etc. I always have pictures of my children smiling, and I highly suggest you personally draw and color at least one hand made creation of your own. One of the easiest ways to redecorate is to paint your area wth “oops” paint you can pick up at your local hardware store for cheap.

2. Get a plant. There are few ways that are better to create an amazing home office or work space than to bring nature into that space. If you do nothing else, get your self one small plant to keep you company. You can buy a plant for $0.88 at Walmart or Home Depot so no excuses. After getting the perfect plant, please proceed to name it so it knows who you are talking to when you are rambling in your long hours of brainstorming and turmoil. I assure you that having a plant will make your work space or home office feel alive.

3. Bring Music. It is a well known fact that music helps induce more creativity. Music helps us find a joy and energy that few other things can produce. Music mediates a rythmic feeling of enjoying the moment. I have found that using stereo headphones in my work space (as not to interupt anyone else’s space in the house) helps me produce more work and I seem far happier doing it. My personal favorites ar U2, Roberta Flack, Ida Maria, and The Lark Ascending, depending on what mood I am in.

There are no rules for decorating and personalizing your home office or work space. The most important thing is that you surround your self with things that inspire you, that make you laugh and smile, and that keep you productive and happy. It is not hard to find cheap and easy ways to decorate. Be creative and have fun making your space your own!