Beautiful Fringed Tulips

When people think of tulips, the flowers that most often come to mind are the classic red and yellow varieties. Classic varieties of tulips add color and beauty to a yard or garden, but there are varieties of tulips that are extraordinary. Fringed tulips are exceptionally beautiful, and there are a number of fringed tulips to choose from if you’re looking for unique tulips for your yard or garden. The following varieties of fringed tulips are excellent choices, and they are suitable for most hardiness zones. Choose these fringed tulips if you want to make your yard or garden a masterpiece of beautiful flowers uniquely trimmed with fringed petals.

Cummins Tulip

This fringed tulip is exquisite. The petals are a beautiful shade of purple, and the edges of the petals are fringed with white trim that makes them appear lacy and exceptionally unique. This fringed tulip is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add a unique fringed tulip to their yard or garden.

Cummins fringed tulips are best suited for hardiness zones three through eight. The blooms of this fringed beauty are approximately four inches in width, and the fringed flowers reach a maximum height of about eighteen inches. Choose these fringed tulips if you want to turn heads and capture attention in your yard or garden in mid to late spring.

Pink Fountain Tulip

Pink fountain fringed tulips are a must-have for anyone wanting fringed tulips in their garden or yard. The color of these fringed tulips is simply breathtaking. Pink fountain fringed tulips have frosty pink petals that are elegantly fringed, and they make outstanding bouquets.

Consider planting pink fountain fringed tulip bulbs in hardiness zones 3 through 8 if you want a fringed tulip that is extraordinarily beautiful. These four-inch pink fringed gems will reach a maximum height of about twenty inches, and they will grace your garden in mid to late spring.

Parrot Tulip

This fringed tulip is appropriately named because the petals look like the feathers of a beautiful exotic bird. These fringed tulips have a tropical flair unlike any other fringed tulip available, and the colors are amazing. Fringed parrot tulips are available in combinations of bright red, yellow, white, yellow painted with green, deep purple, lilac, deep red, vivid pink, and many more. Plant a garden or border of fringed parrot tulips for a dramatic display.

Fringed parrot tulips are best suited for hardiness zones three through eight, and they bloom in late spring. These exotic looking fringed tulips reach an amazing height of about twenty-eight inches. Choose fringed parrot tulips and you’ll anticipate their beautiful fringed tulips year after year.

Blue Heron Tulip

Have you ever seen a blue heron on the banks of a serene pond on a sunny spring day? Blue heron fringed tulips are embellished with beautiful blue-violet petals that look like the well-preened feathers of a great blue heron. These fringed tulips are simply amazing, and they would make a fantastic addition to any yard or garden. Anyone searching for beautiful fringed tulips is sure to love these beautiful fringed flowers.

Blue heron fringed tulips grow well in hardiness zones 3 thru 8. Their four-inch blooms last a long time, and they grow to a maximum height of about eighteen inches. These beautiful fringed tulips will make their appearance in late spring. Plant blue heron tulip bulbs if you want fringed tulips that are the true definition of beauty.

Mon Amour Tulip

This double-fringed tulip is sweetly fragrant and simply beautiful. The sunny yellow flowers of the mon amour tulip are extremely full and lavishly embellished by fringed petals. If you love bright flowers, this fringed tulip is an excellent choice for your yard or garden. The fringed petals of these tulips are so frilly and full they appear to be made of fine yellow velvet.

Choose mon amour fringed tulips in hardiness zones three through eight if you want a spectacular fringed tulip that will take your breath away. This fringed tulip reaches a maximum height of approximately eighteen inches, and it blooms in late spring. Make this fringed tulip a part of your yard or garden and you’ll provide a spectacular display of beautiful fringed flowers.